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Outdoor Book Club

Our Retreats

Our retreats provide the opportunity to step away to a quiet place to connect with your self and others, to feel comfortable, reflect and learn. We create experiences that equip you, or your team with rich ideas, knowledge and the inspiration to begin something new: a book, a project, a career, or the next chapter in your life.

Memory, Reality & Myth
Boost your Creative Writing

Whether you are not yet sure what you want to write, or you are working on a deeply personal memoir, a self-help project, a poetry collection or a novel IB retreats will help you find your inner north star.

Message Development & Public Diplomacy 2.0

What are the trends in public diplomacy 2.0 in an age of globalisation, increasing digital communications and technology that creates both new challenges and opportunities?  This retreat is for Ambassadors and diplomats and we discuss AI, tech diplomacy and feminist foreign policy. 

Poetry Writing

Discover the art of poetry and its emotional pull. Learn how to explore subjects, incorporate humor, and find your voice. Through this retreat you will appreciate the profound in the everyday, and your poetry will lead you to unexpected thinking and writing.

Culture, Creativity, Wellness

If you love history and culture, then this retreat is for you. We have arranged visits to theatre-related sites, ancient temples and museums, while we are inspired by the beauty of Ancient Greek mythology. Yoga sessions, massage treatments, diet programs and meditation are offered as optional wellness choices, that will make your experience uniquely special.

Public Speaking & Storytelling

Become a great storyteller. Learn how to prepare engaging presentations that weave facts, information and human stories into a compelling narrative. Understand the importance of culture  and discover stories from your life and memory that resonate with your audience.

Theatre & Drama

Learn the secrets of script writing and dramatisation. This retreat is for emerging writers but also for those who wish to understand the art of playwriting. Participants will work with a Master Playwright, have time to focus on their own writing and share with other participants. Private one-to-one tutoring will help take their script to the next level.

What Our Participants Say

Mountainous Landscape by the Sea
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Kelli Parker, USA

"The instructors were a delight and so knowledgeable. I loved that they had different approaches. The place was a slice of heaven and all the staff (cooks, drivers, etc) were so kind. It was a very special week."
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