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Right by a sea, that is welcoming, accessible, you will find the unique authenticity of the Greek nature, away from anything mass produced. The gourmet food is sourced by local farmers, cooked in the traditional way of the Greek countryside, while you will enjoy the unique, private setting of your own villa by the turquoise Ionian Sea waters.

The experience is unlike any other.

We invite you to dedicate time to yourself, receive expert guidance, and immerse yourself in a most inspiring location to write your novel, memoir, or poetry.  You may simply want to relax, recharge, focus and just o free writing with a community of creative individuals.


Inspiration and Creativity: You may have published many books or are just struggling to find your own inner voice. We all have challenges and we all need a time out. We will be there for you to make sure that whatever your writing aspirations, we will support you on this journey.


A Collaborative Community: This is a group of thinkers, and we all learn from and inspire each other. Your ideas, narratives, and memories are not lost in the crowd. They will become poems, novels, essays, plays.

World-class Instructors: Our instructors deliver quality of thought, expertise, ideas, market knowledge  and connections for you.

IBWR accommodates a maximum of 20 writer because before you arrive, we want to learn about your writing, your goals, and how we can make this experience productive and uniquely inspiring.

In parallel to the group sessions, you will customise the programme for you and create for you a clear roadmap for your next steps.


Spaces are limited. Apply now to secure your spot. 


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